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Aec Enterprise Agreement 2016-19


You will also find press releases, member releases, reports, submissions and governance documents. Search with the filters or scroll through the list, which is grouped in alphabetical order. You are invited to register if the selected resource is limited to members. This content is only available to our members. Please log in to download this resource. If you are not currently related to a member, you can find out here if your organization is becoming a member. General wage increases due between April 14, 2020 and April 13, 2021, which expire between April 14, 2020 and April 13, 2021, are interrupted for six months from the expected date of the increase. These include salary and compensation adjustments in enterprise agreements, the provisions of Section 24, paragraph 1, and AFIs. Our vast collection of resources is here to help you navigate the complexity of the regulatory landscape of employment.

This action is only available to our members. Please log in to use the favorite feature. The AEC Graduate Program is more than just a job, it`s your professional in the Australian Public Service. As a graduate, you will have access to professional development and training in the workplace, where you develop, develop and deliver, with committed and innovative people, strategies, programs and services that benefit all Australians. Throughout your year of bachelor`s degree, you gain valuable skills and experience through a comprehensive introductory program and a series of internships throughout our company. This will help you know what we are doing here at the AEC. On-the-job and specific public training, seminars, networking, coaching and mentoring are all part of this exciting opportunity that will prepare you for success in the GSP. You will join us as a permanent contributor at the SPG 4 level in accordance with the salary rates of the AEC Enterprise Agreement. As you develop skills, knowledge and know-how during the program, you are preparing to advance your career. Check out our 2016-19 Enterprise Agreement on our website to explore all the benefits our staff have.

Your degree does not define your career path. We believe at the AEC that your degree complements your existing skills, passions and goals. Apply now to find out more! If you are not in Canberra, you must move. We understand that this could be treated with mixed feelings. Don`t worry, the AEC support team will guide you through this period and answer any questions you may have. Within the AEC, our goal is to maintain an impartial and independent electoral system for Australian voters. We are the leaders in achieving the best results of practical elections. They can play a decisive role in organizing an election to the Bundestag, which is the largest peacetime logistics event in the country. At the AEC, we are proud of the role we play in democracy, so come and see us and participate in the design of your country`s future. We are part of the Department of Finance`s portfolio and work closely with them and other GSP agencies on election priorities. If you are interested in working in a dynamic, innovative and collaborative environment where the diversity of thought is appreciated and your individuality is assumed, then the AEC is the place for you.

Wage increases (and equivalents) continue to be interrupted indefinitely. As the AEC has forecast a wage increase in November 2020, this increase must be delayed by 6 months (i.e. until May 2021).

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