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Mysql Server License Agreement


Note that you can continue to calculate money for open source changes. It has nothing to do with free. The question is whether you are proposing your changes under a GPL-enabled license that would allow your customers to continue to edit and redistribute. Percona Toolkit is a multiplatform toolkit for MySQL developed in Perl. [104] Percona Toolkit can be used to prove that replication works properly, fix damaged data, automate repetitive tasks and speed up servers. Percona Toolkit is included in several Linux distributions like CentOS and Debian, and packages are also available for Fedora and Ubuntu. Percona Toolkit was originally developed as a maatkit, but Maatkit will no longer be developed from the end of 2011. If you want to support the development of the MySQL database, even if you don`t need a commercial license formally. Buying support directly from MySQL AB is another great way to contribute to the development of MySQL software, with immediate benefits for you. See section 1.4.1.

4 Server: is defined as the computer on which the programs are installed. With a server license, you can use the licensed program on a single specified computer. All MySQL Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Cluster Carrier Grade Edition facilities must be licensed under an appropriate commercial agreement with Oracle, including deployments for production, development, testing, backup and disaster recovery. For more information on licensing, please contact the MySQL sales team. In October 2005, Oracle Corporation acquired OY, the Finnish company that developed the InnoDB storage engine from a third-party provider, which enables MySQL to provide features such as foreign transactions and keys. Following the acquisition, a press release from Oracle stated that contracts that supply the company`s software to mySQL AB would be renewed (and likely renegotiated) in 2006. [62] At the MySQL Users Conference in April 2006, MySQL AB issued a press release confirming that MySQL AB and Innobase OY have agreed to a “multi-year” extension of their licensing agreement. [63] The Original MySQL logo can only be used by representatives of MySQL AB and by people who have a written agreement to do so.

We try to take a broad and inclusive look at technical support. Almost all the problems with MySQL software are important to us if it`s important to you. Typically, customers seek help to operate different commands and utilities, eliminate performance issues, restore crushed systems, understand the effects of the operating system or network on MySQL, implement best backup and recovery practices, use APIs, etc. Our support only covers the MySQL server and our own utilities, not the third-party products that access the MySQL server, even though we try to help them where we can. No, end-users of your app don`t need a license. If you are an Internet service provider (Internet service provider, ISPs) that offers web hosting with MySQL servers for your customers. On the other hand, we encourage people to use ISPs that have the support of MySQL, as this will give them confidence that if they have a problem with the installation of MySQL, their ISP does have the resources to solve the problem for them. Tip: For more information about the MySQL license, check out the following pages: As MySQL software is published under GPL, it can often be used for free, but for some applications you want or need to purchase commercial licenses from MySQL AB at

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