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West Chester Area School District Collective Bargaining Agreement


We listed the 16 schools and their contact information managed by WCASD. For more information about each school, click on the school link. Recruits inexperienced teachers who are not qualified or not by school time, so the district can replace experienced teachers and save money. The students are typical of the area. More fortunate than most people who give rise to claims that the borough considers impossible. See how other school districts compare in terms of learning and employment: there are just over 800 educators and 10,000 students enrolled in the 16 schools run by WCASD. The tables below include administrative salaries and teacher salaries at WCASD. The data comes from several sources. Note: The information below is only for informational purposes and, for official information, please contact the school district directly. See compensation areas and details for school administrators and support staff, including consultants and librarians for the Philadelphia area below. The district practices discrimination for sex and age, dismissal or requires teachers before they can achieve milestone results. This borough only deals with the final result, not the training of the students.

Non-collegiate atmosphere among teachers. Just a wonderful school to work with talented collaborators and students and looking for administrator by making job offers in and around the West District School District area. Like any full-time teaching mission, total commitment and willingness to work well beyond the school day, good old-fashioned system is expected. Latest reported staff survey only 57% think, admin appreciates our opinion. This is up from 56% last year. I bet the way number would be lower if more people take the poll, but we already know admin doesn`t care, so why even bother taking the stupid thing? Admin only deals with spearhead initiatives, so they put something on their CURRICULUM WHEN they try to go to another district and get a better position. If you live in the neighborhood, the shuttles are wonderful. If you are a teacher, you will have the summer… The table below shows the average salary and fluctuation margins for specialized educators working for WCASD and surrounding school districts. The boundaries of WCASD and the surrounding areas are shown in the map below. The total number of school administrators and assistants working for WCASD is shown in the following table. A better salary than other districts, friendly people, a safe environment.

Because they are so big, they really make sure that their employees are not lost in the shuffle, the other employees are all attentive to each other and promote the well-being between them. . The estimated value of the administrator and teacher services provided by WCASD is shown below. These estimates are based on figures from the NCES Finance Survey (2012). The total number of lecturers, coordinators and teaching assistants is presented in the table below. Post and 100 job tips with a deposit: Click here to post a job. The table below shows the average salary and fluctuation margins of teachers provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for the Philadelphia area.

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