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Uf Housing Agreement


To terminate the agreement, log in to and choose “contract” and then “terminate contract”. Always participate in UF The deadline to terminate your housing contract, if you are still visiting the University of Florida, is May 1. A standard porting fee of $225 USD is charged in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale. The move is by appointment. If you would like to participate in a university-sponsored activity and need to arrive before the scheduled departure date, please work directly with your group. University groups send your information to the institution. Housing will plan your move-in date to make sure you arrive in time for activities. Housing contracts will be sent Tuesday to accredited students with an application. To view or create a group of roommates, log in to HMS ( and select “Assignment Settings”. Roommate groups are listed under the orange “Manage roommates” tab. To create a roommate group, enter the Gatorlink username for the student who needs to be in your roommate group. An email is sent to the desired roommate for confirmation.

As soon as the roommates confirm, the group is created. Students can consult their group of roommates at any time in this area on HMS. Once your housing contract is concluded, you can choose your preferences. Preferences include the area/building, roommates, and living learning community. Work will begin in May. If you wish to apply for the termination of your residency contract, you do not have to apply for the release of your contract if you: 1) you participate in a study abroad program, internship or work cooperative, 2) are not enrolled in courses or 3) do not attend university. You must file a cancellation request online via HMS. Visit, log in and choose the cancel contract link. Please clearly state your reason for terminating your housing contract.

You will receive a response to your request within 2 business days of your deposit. Students participating in internships, study abroad programs, and worker cooperatives must submit a letter on the official letterhead of their university. This letter should clearly state the duration of the program and that the student will receive a credit….

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